Pink Stoneware Mug – Limited Edition


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I've created a limited edition release of blush pink mugs for Mother's Day. The colour is a soft pastel shade of pink, subtle and understated.

The feeling of warming your hands around a cup of chai inspired this handmade mug. The nature of the clay creates irregularities in the surface of the mug making it so comfortable to hold in your hands. 

There is something really grounding about drinking from a handmade cup, you’re reminded to pause and engage with the moment and sensations of enjoying a warm drink.


350 ml / 9cm diameter x 10cm tall

Why you'll love it

Handmade is good for Mother Earth, good for your health and good for your happiness. Sipping your morning cuppa from a handmade mug slows you down in the best possible way. With this mug, you’ll fall in love with your daily rituals again.