Make a breakfast set – Saturday, March 6



This workshop is inspired by the Danish philosophy of hygge – the feeling of being content, of not wanting to be anywhere else but where you are.

We're going to be handcrafting a set of four pieces that you will use every day at home, a cup, a breakfast bowl, a small plate and a condiment bowl. It'll be a breakfast set to make your mornings cosy and memorable, even if you're having humble toast and cereal.

Hygge is about enjoying life with friends and family, cherishing the moments. It's about grabbing hold of these moments and making them special. Not rushing through an activity so to move on to the next, it is about taking your time and enjoying what is before you now and not what is to come. ~ Sofie Pedersen

You're invited to take a break from all the demands of your busy life. Spend a few hours with me immersed in the pleasure of creating something beautiful and functional from clay.

I purposely keep the numbers limited to create an intimate setting so don't put it off if you're thinking of booking.