Private workshop - 2 hours - make a sashimi set




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Inspired by my travels to Japan, in this workshop we will be making a sashimi set. You will make two small platters, several mini dishes for condiments, a small bowl for rice and some chopstick rests. 

There's scope to add your own flair and originality to the clay with this class, imprinting lovely woodblock stamps and textures into the surface, or you can keep it minimal. 

As with all WInterwares workshops, the focus is on working mindfully and getting into the flow of making something with your hands. You don't have to worry if you don't think you're particularly creative, this class is for anyone who is up for doing something new. It's fully guided at a slow pace so you can't fall behind. 

Before you book

To arrange a day and time for your workshop, please get in touch with Simone (before you book to ensure the date you want is available). Phone on 0409670285 or email

Please note that private workshops are available on weekdays only and there is a minimum of 4 people required to make a booking. The maximum is 8 people. 

Price is $169 person, each person will make their own 4 piece set. 

The workshop usually runs from 10am to midday – a different start time can be arranged on request. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you book.