Make a pair of mugs – August 22


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When it's cold outside there's no better way to spend an afternoon than making beautiful things from pottery. Join me on Saturday, August 22nd in my studio to make your own pair of mugs. This workshop is inspired by the Danish philosophy of hygge – the feeling of being content, of not wanting to be anywhere else but where you are. We're going to be handcrafting cups and mugs that will create a feeling of cosiness in your home. 

Hygge is about enjoying life with friends and family, cherishing the moments. It's about grabbing hold of these moments and making them special. Not rushing through an activity so to move on to the next, it is about taking your time and enjoying what is before you now and not what is to come. ~ Sofie Pedersen
You're invited to take a break from all the demands of your busy life. Spend an afternoon with me immersed in the pleasure of creating something beautiful and functional from clay. The class goes for four hours and includes a delicious home-cooked lunch and afternoon tea. I purposely keep the numbers limited to create an intimate setting.
What should I bring?
Just yourself! We have everything you need.
Where is the workshop held?
The Winterwares studio is at 10 Stack Street, Fremantle. In the co-op working warehouse called Stackwood. Winterwares workshops run independently of the Stackwood workshops.
What is your refund policy?
Tickets are non-refundable, though you can transfer to a friend if you can’t make it.
I love your style of ceramics, can you teach me how to make plates and bowls exactly like yours?
I’m so delighted that you love the Winterwares range, thank you! This is my personal style that I’ve created and it’s important to me that you find your own style. The focus on the class is not about creating a certain piece or having a particular pre-determined outcome. I want you to draw your attention to the process of being in the moment rather than being worried about the end result. Winterwares workshops aren’t about learning specific pottery techniques, they’re about having the experience of relaxing in a beautiful, calming space.
Is this class suitable for children?
My workshops aren’t suitable for children. There are some fantastic kid’s clay workshops at the Fremantle Art Centre in the school holidays that you could check out. Or you can buy one of my ‘clay at home kits’ and make pottery with your kids at home.
When do I get to take home my pottery piece?
The pottery piece you make will need to dry, be fired and glazed and then fired again. It takes about three weeks. We’ll email you when it’s ready to pcik up from our studio.