Stoneware Mug – River Pebble Grey



PREORDER – mugs will be available to ship mid-August

Inspired by the moody hues of winter, we've released a new mug.

The glaze reminds me of a smooth dark river pebble, each one is a treasure.

With a velvety matt finish, the colour is nuanced with gradients of greys and lichen.  

There is something really grounding about drinking from a handmade cup, you’re reminded to pause and engage with the moment and sensations of enjoying a warm drink.


350 ml / 9cm diameter x 10cm tall

Why you'll love it

Handmade is good for Mother Earth, good for your health and good for your happiness. Sipping your morning cuppa from a handmade mug slows you down in the best possible way. With this mug, you’ll fall in love with your daily rituals again.