The art of living simply

Winterwares is a range of handmade ceramic homewares, born from a desire to embrace a slower pace in life. We invite you to savour the everyday moments that bring you joy – drinking a cup of tea in solitude or gathering around the table to share comfort food with friends. Cherish your daily rituals with Winterwares.

Every piece made by hand

Using thoughtfully designed, handmade objects everyday is an antidote to our fast-lane modern lives. Winterwares ceramics are all made by hand in our studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. Where we transform raw clay into robust and functional tableware – using the elements of earth and fire. Invite beauty and simple pleasures into your ordinary days with Winterwares ceramics. 

Create a sanctuary at home

Creating a relaxing and beautiful space is easy; it only takes a few intentional adjustments to completely transform how you feel, work, and live. At the end of this free 30 day guide, you’ll have your ultimate calm space.

Winterwares handmade stoneware ceramics

Object, Place, Space

Whether we're conscious of it or not, we all make design decisions every day, and those decisions affect our lives in subtle and profound ways. The DesignFreo exhibition Object, Place, Space was created to explore this idea. I was so honoured to invited by the curator, Pippa Hurst, to answer the questions of how our decisions as consumers affect our lives, the legacy our choices leave for future generations and the pleasure we can take in quality design.
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Lessons from Kyoto's ancient zen gardens, with Andrew William

Lessons from Kyoto's ancient zen gardens, with Andrew William

Andrew Williams is a humble expert in zen garden philosophy and design. Originally from the Washington D.C area, he has called Japan home for the last 10 years. He lives in Kyoto with his wife and two beautiful young kids. Before coming to Japan he was a professional garden designer, designing and building large-scale residential gardens in Denver, Seattle, and Kauai. I was so thrilled he agreed to share his knowledge of Japan with me, you're going to love our conversation. 
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Luisa browsing one of her cookbooks, enjoying lunch from winterwares bowls

At home with Luisa Brimble

"The answer is not to ask the question about what you want to do in the future but rather asking yourself what do you love to do right now." I talk to Luisa about what brings her joy, what inspires her and how she got to be doing what she loves.
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Our store

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We would love you to visit. We are a working studio so please call us on 0409 670 285 or email ahead of time if you’d like to come in to see the collection.