The art of living simply

Winterwares is a range of handmade ceramic homewares, born from a desire to embrace a slower pace in life. We invite you to savour the everyday moments that bring you joy – drinking a cup of tea in solitude or gathering around the table to share comfort food with friends. Cherish your daily rituals with Winterwares.

Every piece made by hand

Using thoughtfully designed, handmade objects everyday is an antidote to our fast-lane modern lives. Winterwares ceramics are all made by hand in our studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. Where we transform raw clay into robust and functional tableware – using the elements of earth and fire. Invite beauty and simple pleasures into your ordinary days with Winterwares ceramics. 

Create a sanctuary at home

Creating a relaxing and beautiful space is easy; it only takes a few intentional adjustments to completely transform how you feel, work, and live. At the end of this free 30 day guide, you’ll have your ultimate calm space.

At home with Christie from The Slow Drift

At home with Christie from The Slow Drift

Christie lives in the south-west coastal town of Denmark with her husband Dave, two boys and the family kelpie. Knowing that friends and family would be flocking to visit for a seaside getaway, they started renovating their shed to accommodate visitors. Three years on, they've created the Slow Drift for us all to experience the slower pace of country life – that beautiful balance of salt and earth that is Denmark. 

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holding recycled clay

Do you believe in signs?

When you’re stumbling along and not sure what path to take. And you're looking for that little nudge from the universe, that tells you you’re on the right track. When it feels like the whole world's against you and you’re drowning in buckets of soggy clay. Ok, that probably hasn’t happened to you exactly. But that was my situation a couple of years ago when I was questioning everything. Then the universe gave me a sign, in the most unexpected place.

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Eva Cassis holding a Winterwares ceramic bowl filled with broccoli salad

At home with Eva Cassis – fashion design with a slow living ethos

Eva Cassis is a fashion designer who is passionate about the idea of buying less but buying well. She exquisitely handcrafts sustainable keepsake pieces for everyday wear in her Sydney studio. Seasonal collections are released in small batches to stay true to Eva's philosophy around maintaining slow manufacturing and a low environmental impact. 

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