Clay at home - pottery kits




Enjoy some mindful making in the cosiness of your own home. Winterwares 'clay at home' kits have everything you need to make your own ceramic cup, and the best part is that you can do it in your living room, in your PJs!

We all need a little extra TLC at the moment and the 'clay at home' workshop will give you a chance to slow down and make something beautiful and unique.

I started pottery a few years ago when I suddenly found myself unable to work and crippled with anxiety. Having my hands in the clay was so calming and grounding. That's what I hope for you with my 'clay at home' kits, that while you're making your cup, you'll be so immersed in what you're doing, you don't think about anything else.

No experience is necessary, it's perfect for beginners.

Your Winterwares 'Clay at home' kit includes; 

  • Speckled clay (custom blended at Winterwares).
  • Step-by-step printed instructions.
  • Online video tutorial with Simone (founder of Winterwares). Log-in whenever and from where ever suits you!
  • Set of pottery tools.
(If you want to make more than one cup, or make with someone else, you can buy a kit for 2 cups or 4 cups, which includes extra clay).
    After you have made your cup you will need to have it fired in a kiln. If you live locally in Perth, WA, bring your cup back to Winterwares and Simone will fire and glaze it for you. If you don't live in Perth, you will need to find a pottery studio in your area that will fire and glaze your cup for you. After your cup has been fired it will be dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.



    What do I do when I have made my cup?

    For your cup to turn from clay to ceramic, so you can drink out of it, it needs to be fired in a really, really hot oven. You can’t bake it at home, it has to be cooked to 1280°C! Bring your cup back to the Winterwares studio and we will fire it and glaze it.


    I don't live in Perth, can I still buy the kit?

    Yes, you can still make your cup at home, though for your cup to be functional it has to be fired in a kiln. You will need to enquire at a local pottery studio and see if they will glaze and fire your cup for you. Let them know that the clay is stoneware.


    Can I choose the glaze?

    The glaze will be our signature gloss white and will be adorned with little speckles that appear from the clay.


    When do I bring the cup to Winterwares to be fired?

    There is no hurry to bring it back, your cup can sit for months and months before it gets fired. When you want to bring it in, get in touch with Simone.


    Where is the Winterwares studio?

    10 Stack Street, Fremantle

    Dishwasher safe, microwave and oven proof.

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    If this item is on backorder, please allow 3 weeks for it to be made.
    All plates are handmade in Fremantle, Australia.
    Every piece is unique, featuring different curves and characteristics from the making and firing process. These irregularities in finish are part of the character of the piece and to be embraced as part of the aesthetic of handmade.

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    Due to the handmade process some variation in shape, glaze hue and size may occur from that pictured here. The speckled pattern in the plates is unpredicatble, varies from batch to batch and is unique to every piece. You can request lightly speckled or heavy speckled but allow an additional 3 weeks for production.

    Australia wide, for orders under $150 shipping is a flat rate of $15 and free for orders over $150. We can ship to New Zealand, please contact us to find out the shipping price.

    Dishwasher & Oven Safe

    Our stoneware is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe and is designed to be used every day. 

    Handmade in Australia

    Winterwares ceramics are handmade in our Fremantle studio, by a small team of people. Each piece is designed to last many years of use. 

    Every piece a one of a kind

    Due to the handmade process, slight variations will occur in the shape, glaze sheen and amount of speckles in every piece and should be embraced as part of the beauty of handmade.