Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit
Clay at Home Kit

Clay at Home Kit

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This product is not in the shop right now but we will make it for you! Allow four weeks to receive it. Making ceramics is a lengthy process and each piece is handmade with care right here in Fremantle. We promise they'll be worth the wait!
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Enjoy some mindful making in the cosiness of your own home. One of our most loved products and a perfect way to take our Winterwares Mindful Making workshop home. Your Winterwares Clay at Home Kit has everything you need to make your own ceramic cups, and the best part is that you can do it in your living room, in your PJs!

The kit includes

  • Set of pottery tools
  • Winterwares speckled clay blend (1.5kg it's enough to make 2 cups and more).
  • Calico wrap
  • Instruction book
  • Online video tutorial
  • Glazing & Firing when you bring them back to Winterwares

It's a chance to immerse yourself in the soothing and creative world of clay, all within the comfort of your space. Shape clay into your unique creations, relishing the tactile connection with this earthy material. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or a first-time explorer, crafting with clay at home brings relaxation, self-expression, and the simple pleasure of creating something beautiful with your own hands.

For your pottery to turn from clay to ceramic and become food-safe it needs to be fired in a kiln. You can’t bake it at home, it has to be cooked to 1280°C! Bring your pottery back to Winterwares and we will glaze and fire it.

Bring your creations back to Winterwares at 34 Henry Street, Fremantle and we will glaze and fire it for you. There is no extra fee for this service, it's included in the price of the kit.

There’s no hurry to bring your pieces back, your creations can sit for months and months before they are fired.

It will stay soft and easy to use for around 6 months. After that it might get dry and harden up, but will come good again if you add water to it.

You can make whatever you heart desires. We have seen cups, bowls, incense holders, elephants, pumpkins and eggcups! We will fire and glaze whatever you create.

Sure! You can buy extra clay from us. We don't offer a firing service to the public, we will only fire and glaze our own clay.