A tiny escape, with Hidden Cabins

Interior view of Hidden Cabins with double bed and a window to the outside.

Rarely do we get to adopt the pace of nature. Rising with the warming glow of first light and winding down when the sun drops behind the horizon.

Not since I was a small child have I been free from distractions and completely immersed in nature, enough to see the magic in tiny details.

I notice the minutia of the world of insects. A spider diligently weaving its web, sparkling threads spun between branches.

And I'm not camping, I'm surrounded by all the comforts I adore. A mug of steaming hot java, freshly ground and poured by Robbie. I'm nestled in bed with blankets with a book, surrounded by glass windows that create a living picture frame.

We're staying a couple of nights at Florence, a Hidden Cabin tucked away in a national park less than two hours from Perth.

Although it's tiny, it's so well designed it's abundantly comfortable. Rather than the feeling of doing without, it makes you appreciate the few objects you have. The kitchen is paired back to the essentials. A mini fridge, couple of bowls and cups, a twin cooking stove, kettle and sink. 

It's a break away from regular routines and because there's nothing screaming for your attention you can enjoy the slower pace of doing everyday things. Waiting for the water to boil to make coffee, or washing the dishes, because there isn't space to leave them out. Almost instantly I felt myself feeling calmer, doing one thing at a time. 

At breakfast we perched on the stools looking out over the bushland and we were treated to a visit from a pair of Emus, they meandered through the scrub, hardly noticing us a few feet away, behind our glass. I had a fleeting thought that we were the ones in captivity and they were the curious onlookers, watching us go about our daily routines. 

I'll be back to again to Florence, I want to see her in every season. I can picture myself there in winter, watching the rain pour down around her with the log fire keeping me warm. 

At Florence you can find our Stoneware Mugs, Kanso Plates and Lagom Bowls

To find out more and to book your stay, visit @hiddencabins


Orange cake and two cups of coffee on a on a tray in bed


Miniature fireplace at Florence, Hidden Cabins

View through the window to the Hidden Cabins bedroom Looking down at two pairs of feet with house slippers on
 Washing handmade ceramic bowl at Hidden Cabins 
Simone in a paddock, surrounded by bushland

Florence, Hidden Cabin signage

Grinding coffee beansMaking a coffee in a tiny cabin, window looking to nature outside