At home with Jason Grant

This week I’m chatting with Jason Grant – stylist, author and creative director. You'll find Jason in Byron Bay, with his beloved pooch Sophia by his side. He brings a quintessentially Australian vibe to everything he does. We love his laid back, feel good approach to life – bringing all the style, without the fuss. 

What is a simple pleasure or daily ritual that brings you joy?

I love the simple things in life more and more, being more mindful, focusing on one thing at a time, I (try) to mediate daily. This is definitely something that helps set up my day - oh - and in all honesty I love a sweet treat!

Have there been any silver linings for you during the COVID-19 restrictions?

I'm always an optimist, always choosing to look to the bright side of life. There's no doubt this year has been horrific, and its really important to really just focus on the present and just get through each day. I live in an ideal situation in Byron Bay, somewhat of a bubble. It's really hard not to feel guilty, I have kept creative and productive and really thought about what I really want and what I want to change. People are in far worse scenarios than I am, so I am thankful for all that I have and the freedom I have to do so.

What do you do for yourself when you need to slow down or take a break?

I head into nature, take my dog (Sophia the Boston terrier) for a walk, put my phone away (or at least turn it on flight mode so its just a glorified camera). I’m lucky to live very close to the beach so a dip in the ocean is my ultimate everyday luxury. I have surrounded myself with a small but mighty support network of valued friends that lift me up and support me, and I them. A favourite quote on mine is “a rising tide lifts all boats”

What does your perfect Sunday look like?

L-A-Z-Y. A sleep-in, coffee, a walk, maybe a swim / time in nature (I do like to drag home a seed pod, a fallen something from nature) and an early low-key dinner/drinks with friends followed by a movie projected onto the studio wall.

What’s your favourite season and why?

Spring and summer. Winter is romantic in concept but the practical aspect is - I just really want to hibernate. I like the ease and freedom and sunshine of the warmer months it makes me feel energised.

Name three things you can’t live without.

Time in nature

What is the meal you love making the most right now?

I keep things simple but tasty at home. My favourite way of eating and entertaining is shared food and cocktails with friends.

What does home mean to you?

Home is my creative space, my sanctuary and a place to hide away. The way we live and decorate our home has never been more important. I like my home to be comfortable and creative with a focus on natural style.

What does slow living mean to you?

Being productive - not busy, and being kind to myself and others. We get one life and it's up to us to make the most of it. I guess it's also really considering what we allow into our life not trying to control what happens but how we react to things. I really like the idea of making things less complicated.

Are there any projects you’d like to tell us about, and where can we follow along with what you’re doing.

I'm currently working on a number of commercial projects: cafes, a restaurant and a creative head office plus a few renovations / residential projects too - always creating spaces that look good and feel good. 


Jason Grant styles a grazing board with Winterwares ceramics and blueberries
Winterwares stacked on the tableJason Grant styles a grazing board with Winterwares ceramics
Jason Grant styles a tasting plate with Winterwares ceramics
Jason Grant at home with Winterwares

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