At home with Luisa Brimble

Luisa Brimble is a generous soul who adds beauty into the world with her words, photos and recipes. She was part of bringing the community and neighbourhood cookbooks to life (two of my fave cookbooks, they’re so often used they’re smattered in sauce stains at my house!).

She’s a champion of living a life true to yourself. I really enjoyed hearing the wisdom she shared in our conversation. It was a good reminder that when you know what your values are, and you live aligned with them, it's easier to find contentment in your daily life.

Luisa shares what she believes in openly and joyfully through all her projects.

Tell us a bit about yourself 

Currently what I do is food photography in a lifestyle context. Connecting food and life together. I also love to cheer people on. What makes me happy is helping people reach their potential so to speak. If I see potential in somebody my mind goes on overdrive as to the things they could really be doing.

How you got to be doing what you’re doing?

Well, it started with following what I love doing at the different stages of my life journey but I remembered that the common thread is the love of paperwork. So from working as an accounts assistant to sales and marketing to graphic design to photography and publishing it all connects to the love of paperwork. 

The answer is not to ask the question about what you want to do in the future but rather asking yourself what do you love to do right now. If you go down this route it will lead you to what you will be doing in the future and for me right now it's mentorship and publishing.

What is a simple pleasure or daily ritual that brings you joy?

Simple pleasures that bring me joy and comfort are stopping for a hug with my family. I failed to teach my girls how to do housework or being neat but boy they can hug and will do so even on-demand ha ha ha. The morning cup of coffee (obviously), new books to read, having a 2-hour chat with a friend, talking to people about food and more importantly cooking

What’s your favourite season and why?

Autumn, I love that it's neither cold nor hot in temperature just right and everything is full of colour.

Name three things you can’t live without.

Family, food and fun

What is the meal you love making the most right now?

Rice bowls. Nothing like a plate of brown rice with chopped up cucumbers, shredded iceberg lettuce, tangy sauerkraut, fried egg or tortang talong (eggplant omelette) or cauliflower fritters, some hot chilli oil, edamame etc... you can really add anything you like but the rule is it must contain the base of carbs, protein and a crunch. 

What does home mean to you?

"The home is where you are completely accepted. It does not discriminate against your habits or your ways of living. It is an acceptance without judgement. Home is about care and sharing. The individual within a home function as one." — Ai Wei Wei, Apartamento Issue 10. 

This is the best meaning of home for me. I used this as the opening quote for Alphabet Family Journal.

Are there any projects you’d like to tell us about?

I do measure my year based on the chunks of projects I take on. I do make time for personal projects. It keeps me sane and it's a way to nurture what I love to do. I can't say the premise of the project yet but I'm looking at working with 20+ food enthusiasts what it is and what it will be is to be revealed sometime before the end of 2021 but I'm sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories over at @luisabrimble

What are you looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to unveiling this next project.

Luisa uses our family bowl, soup bowl, everyday bowl, hygge bowl and hibi bowl

Luisa standing in front of her huge collection of cookbooks, holding a winterwares bowl


Luisa Brimble’s bookcase housing her huge collection of cookbooks


Luisa Brimble’s bookcase housing her collection of winterwares ceramics


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