At home with Simona from The Honeycake

Simona holding her coffee mug and her son

Tell us about your business, The Honeycake ...

We started in 2012 at a market stall and since then have grown to have two stores (our original in Fremantle and one we just opened in Northbridge). Our honeycake is Inspired by an authentic centuries old Bohemian, Czech recipe, which we've made uniquely Western Australian by sourcing local, premium ingredients. Each cake is hand-rolled in small batch and carefully assembled layer by layer.

What is the meal you love making the most right now?

Believe it or not, I really enjoy baking. Not that I don’t have enough baking at The Honeycake, ha!. But what I really enjoy about baking at home is the whole experience, from hunting for recipes from my favourite food bloggers, to the creative process of making it with my four year old daughter and having our home smell deliciously beautiful.

What does home mean to you?

Peace! It’s the place where I can hide away and switch off from the hectic world outside. It’s where I feel relaxed, inspired and in the moment. Especially in winter, on a rainy weekend morning, I would make buttermilk pancakes and then just snuggle with my kids and partner.

Are there any daily rituals bringing you joy?

It used to be coffee in the morning, but I stopped drinking it on a daily basis. It took me a while to replace it with something that would invigorate me naturally. So now the thing I do for myself every morning, which may sound brutal to some (especially if you love having a hot shower in the morning), is an ice cold shower. I am now addicted to that cold, pinchy feeling that awakes every cell in my body and makes me feel alive, no matter what the night with the baby was like or how busy I am with the business.

What are the most cherished objects in your home and why are they special to you?

I try to be minimalistic in every way. So everything I keep is meaningful and joyful for me. I do love my plants & pots, my Winterwares mug and my coastal-looking absolutely gorgeous rattan storage box (that takes up so much space but I would never let it go, even if my partner would be over the moon if it was gone).

What does slow living mean to you?

Before I really understood the concept of slow living, doing things slowly was a bit of a hard task for me as I am a self-described fast, multitasking efficient freak. Throughout the learning process of slow living and yoga I actually discovered I can still do things efficiently and gracefully, by focusing at the process on just one thing at a time. For me, slow living is about learning to be present with whatever I am doing, touching, seeing, loving.

Where can we find you?

At our new store 57a Washing Lane, Northbridge and in the Fremantle Markets. We also do free delivery of all our honeycake (original, Pandan-coconut, Gluten Free or Halal) around Perth. If you live out of Perth, we post our Premium Gift Boxes in Original flavour within Australia and Internationally. Follow @thehoneycake to stay up to date.

Can you give friends of Winterwares a special discount?

Yes! 10% off online orders (we ship all over Australia!). Use the code WINTERWARES10

(please note that the code is valid until February 7th, 2022 and excludes the Sweethearts, 10-layer round, single-serve gift boxes).  


Honeycake on winterwares plates

Young girl drinking milk from a handmade mug


Simona at home with her two kids

 Plant pot with cactus Coffee mug on the table with plants and rug in the background