Autumn gatherings

Every Thursday night is family dinner night, between my brother, my parents and me we take turns hosting. We started them before the pandemic and it's something that we missed terribly when we were in lockdown. I feel so grateful we can do them again here in Perth. 

The meal, effort and entertainment are all up to the host to decide and we go with the flow, sometimes I'm in the mood for linen and candles, sometimes I do pizza straight out of the box.

My brother and sister-in-law love to cook, family dinner is when they try out new recipes on us, we're very willing! I love to set beautiful tables, so for me it's about creating a special evening though the eyes. My mum mostly enjoys having the time together. She uses the slow cooker so dinner is done and filling the house with enticing spices well before we arrive. Whoever hosts, we spend the time playing cards games and board games, catching up on the week we had and sharing stories.

This table looks so abundant and pretty, and it's surprisingly easy to throw together on a weeknight. The key is to have good quality produce. Choose some locally made cheese, a fresh baked sourdough, some nuts and artisan chocolate and add fruit that's in season - right now it's sweet crisp autumn grapes. Add candles and present it all on our handmade ceramics and you have a warm and cosy grazing table that everyone can help themselves to throughout the evening. 

Table scape for an autumn games night, with bread, cheese and flowers
Sourdough bread and cheese on handmade ceramics, made in Western Australia
Grazing platter filled with in season fruits, crackers and local cheeses
Dahlia's and other flowers in a handmade pottery vase
Sharing a glass of wine and some bread with cheese on handmade ceramic plates
Playing a game of cards at an autumn dinner
Grapes and plums on a handmade ceramic plates
Sourdough sliced and ready to share
Playing cards at the table laden with autumn fare
cheese on sourdough on handmade plates
Passing a handmade ceramic platter laden with nuts, fruits and cheese across the table


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