How to brew the perfect chai

One of my favourite ways to slow the morning is to have as few plans as possible. To spend the time brewing chai and enjoying it with no place to be but home. I'm an introvert at heart and I really like quiet times in solitude, baking, snuggling under blankets on the couch and generally doing things that feel cosy. There's nothing cosier than sipping a freshly made chai in bed.

If you've been to one of my workshops recently you'll have been treated to a delicious cup of chai. Not just any chai, my absolute favourite – Prana Chai, made by hand in Melbourne by founders Vincent, Koray & Mario. I brew mine slowly with soy milk (Bonsoy is my go-to). It doesn't take long for the aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise to gently fill the air and the experience of the perfect chai begins, even before you've had the first taste.

I spoke to Mario, one of the founders of Prana Chai about how he got to be creating their winning version of authentic masala tea.

Tell us some background on who you are, and how you got to be doing what you're doing

I first got into hospitality when I started my apprenticeship as a chef after I left school at 16. I eventually moved to front of house and later running my own cafes with my best friend and partner Vincent. At one of these cafés we made chai ourselves for our customers and eventually we started supplying other cafes in the area. After Koray joined our team and many years of hard work, that side business has grown into what is now Prana Chai

What does mindful eating mean to you?

For me personally, I practice intermittent fasting and try to eat whole foods and avoid eating too many processed carbohydrates.

Can you share a daily ritual you have that brings you joy?

I can't go without a bowl of berries with coconut yoghurt, coconut milk, a bottle of yakult, cinnamon and a sprinkling of "the wild" gluten-free muesli. It's so delicious and I can't see myself ever getting sick of it.

What are your tips for brewing the perfect chai?

My best tip is to brew it slowly and to use a spoon to taste the chai every so often until it tastes right. The trick is to catch it before it is over-brewed.

Prana chai is available in our Chai Gift Packs.

Prana Chai and Winterwares Perfectly brewed chai