For your Christmas table


Festive table set with Winterwares ceramics

Our mixing bowl is big enough for a salad to share, a selection of fresh fruit or a pile of roasted duck fat potatoes (did you know you can roast in our bowls? They're oven proof!). 


Winterwares ceramic plates

Stacked plates look so elegant, especially on a pared back festive table. The Kanso plate fits perfectly nested into the dinner plate


Cherries in a Winterwares hibi bowl

The hygge bowl is the perfect size for sweet treats, fill with cherries, walnuts or chocolate truffles.  


Everyday bowls in white, stacked on the table

The first bowl I ever made, and still one of the most popular, the everyday bowl is perfect for dessert. 


Decorating the Christmas tree with Winterwares stars

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