Tea, a daily ritual

pouring a freshly brewed tea from a kettle into a handmade mug

Seek delight in daily rituals.

A warming cup of tea from a handmade mug gives us a moment to pause.

In our modern lives where days are busy and full, and to-do lists are relentless, we can carve out pockets of mindful living.

A good place to start is when you put the kettle on.

For that few minutes think of nothing else but the task of making tea.

Listen to the water filling the jug. Breathe in and out slowly, for the few moments it takes for the water to boil.

Notice the way the tea infuses when you pour the water.

Close your eyes and savour that first sip.

When we can be present in the moment it’s incredible, the joy we can find in ordinary days.

Kitchen counter set with handmade mugs

Holding a cup of tea

Photographs by Read & Hall. 

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