The art of living gently

Cultivate a home that becomes your sanctuary away from the noisy world outside. Create spaces that hold you when you need to be held. Design your rooms to contain treasured everyday items that fill your heart with joy. Pair back the excess and fall in love with what remains.

“Be a curator of your life.
Slowly cut things out until you’re left only with what you love,
with what’s necessary,
with what makes you happy.”

 Leo Babauta 



Welcome the quiet.  
Tender moments of solitude,
when you light a candle
the aroma envelopes you
and takes you to memories forgotten.


There's beauty in the solemn petals,
as they wilt and fall from the branch.
The natural cycle of things,
is letting go. 


A cup of tea,
snatching a moment in time with one you love,
chatting about the ordinary happenings
of the days behind and the days ahead.
And in this moment,
savouring the company and the conversation. 


The mundane can be beautiful too,
warm water flowing over your hands,
soap between your fingers,
the sweet small of mandarin as you wash. 

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