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Your monthly membership includes 8 sessions (valid for 30 days from the date you purchased). Book your sessions using the button below. You will need the unique code that was emailed to you when you bought your membership. If you have any questions or need help, get in touch with us

Welcome to your new creative sanctuary at Winterwares where you can go on a journey of artistic exploration and self-expression. Our beautiful Fremantle studio is designed to be a calming sanctuary away from the busy world outside. We are thrilled to have you with us, and can't wait to see the beautiful creations you will bring to life.


Video Library

Learn hand-building pottery

Our tutorials guide you through simple, easy-to-follow steps to create your first ceramic pieces. Explore a variety of techniques – coil build a mug, use slabs and plaster moulds to craft a plate or try the soothing Japanese Kurinuki method to hollow out a bowl.


Health & Safety

Maintaining a healthy studio

Maintaining a healthy ceramics studio is crucial for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We’ve outlined your responsibilities in a document that you must read to ensure our shared space remains a productive and safe environment. Please make sure to review it carefully.


Clean Up & Studio Maintenance

Keep it how you found it

Please allocate time for cleaning, packing up, and restoring the studio to the condition you found it. It’s essential to respect our shared space and ensure it remains welcoming and orderly for everyone. Help us keep our creative environment calm, organised and welcoming.

Clean Up Procedure

Firing & Glazing

When you're ready to bake

Join us on the last Saturday of each month at our production studio in O'Connor for a special glazing session. Use one of your sessions to learn glazing techniques and choose from a selection of prepared glazes to beautifully finish your pieces.