Welcome to your Clay at Home workshop

Pinch pots are a fun way to get familiar with working with the clay. Have a go at making something small to start with like a little ring dish and then try a bigger piece.

  • Smile, breathe and go slowly

    A pinch pot is made exactly how it's described, by pinching the clay into a pot! Here is a demonstration on how to make a little bowl, you could use this method to make a cup too. Keep in mind you want the edges to be around about the same thickness. Spend some time on making it smooth on the inside and out. Your fingers are the best tool for this job!

Q & A

What surface should I work on?

You don't need much space to make your cup and clay is easy to clean up. A kitchen table or counter top is perfect, If you have a plastic placemat you can work on that, or use the cardboard that came in the kit. Work somewhere that you wouldn't mind a bit of water splashing

How quickly do I need to bring it back to be fired?

There's no hurry to bring it back, your cup can sit for months and months before it gets fired.

I have extra clay can I make something else?

Yes! Make whatever you like.

I want to make more! Can I get extra clay?

Yes! You can buy extra clay through my online store.