To keep our community safe and in-line with social distancing measures, workshops in the Winterwares studio are on hold until further notice. For more information check our Covid-19 update. We will be returning as soon as it’s safe. If you’d like to support our small business and at the same time give yourself something wonderful to look forward to, you can buy a workshop gift voucher.


Simone is putting together ‘Clay at home’ delivery boxes along with online video tutorials so you can have some mindfulness, making pottery in your living room. If you’d like to find out when they’re ready to ship, join the email list.

Give yourself permission to slow down

In a world focused on outcomes, Winterwares Mindful Making Workshops are more about the process. The Winterwares studio has been created to be a calm and creative space, where you can experience the benefits of working with your hands to create something lasting and beautiful from clay.

Winterwares Workshops

Preparing clay for the pottery class

Make a serving bowl

4 Hour Mindful Making Workshop

Saturday, 7th March, 2020

10am – 2pm

$249 per person

Handmade pottery at the winterwares studio in fremantle

Make a vase or plant pot

2 Hour Pottery Workshop

Friday, 13th March, 2020

6.30pm – 8.30pm

$139 per person

Make a bowl for your furry friend

2 Hour Pottery Workshop

$139 per person

Email Simone to go on the waiting list.

Make a tea set

4 Hour Mindful Making Workshop

$249 per person

Email Simone to go on the waiting list.

Beautiful tools ready for the mindful drawing and pottery class, a wooden tray with a Japanese brush ink pen, a pencil, a handmade Winterwares pottery cup by Simone Nabholz and a notebook screenprinted by Flora Waycott

Pens, Pencils & Pottery

4 Hour Mindful Making & Drawing Workshop

$299 per person

Hands wrapped around the handmade clay bowl in winterwares studio

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For a special occasion, or just because

Gift a Workshop Voucher

“Simone’s workshop was like a salve for busy souls and a treat for all the senses. All the elements were there: music from a playlist that was much like my own, working in a clean, airy and light-filled space; the wonderful experience of letting go of all expectations as you create a unique and lovely piece of work under Simone’s guidance – she does this so well by stepping back and giving you what you need to create but coming to the rescue if need be, without too much intervention. A nourishing lunch, and coffee with a delicious treat is included and was so good we all wanted recipes! Most importantly, I never felt rushed and enjoyed the slowing-down of time, movement and intention. It was a magical way to spend the day.”

– Esther