Embracing winter

Winterwares vase perched on stool holding branches

Every season has gifts to offer us. In winter it's the reminder to slow down, the time to be quiet and still.

Taking notice of what is happening in nature, we can use it to guide us. In winter we know that the tree naturally loses its leaves. Though it may seem raw and vulnerable at first, we trust that it is doing what it needs to recuperate and it will be spring again in due time.

Give yourself the same permission to be introverted, quiet and reflective.  

Let the season hold you.

We need time to be still, without distraction, to tune in to ourselves. Daily life passes in a blur and we don’t often have time to reflect. Winter lets us turn inwards and feel grounded. While the trees are shedding leaves and planting roots to be stronger and more stable. We can do the same and take time to assess what’s really important to us. At least once in the day when you pour yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, hot chocolate or chai, whatever you like) just sit and enjoy it.

Reading a book called wabi-sabi further thoughts and drink tea from a handmade cup

Fill your bowl with comfort food.

Eating what’s in season ticks so many boxes that will make you feel good. It’s more nourishing for you and for our precious planet – it’s more affordable, there are less carbon miles, you’re supporting local growers and you have tastier and fresher food on your plate. Parsnip, carrot and leek are in abundance at my local store, so I'm doing trays of baked veggies and soups. 

Grab your Winterwares family bowl and bake your veggies directly in it. Try roasting beetroot then sprinkling it with fresh dill and chunks of feta. Or for a decadent brunch try my caramel baked apples

Bowl food is especially cosy in winter. Cradling a handmade bowl in your hands, the warmth of it is nourishing before you’ve even had a bite of your food. Try spicy carrot soup or oaty porridge with stewed plums in our soup bowl.

The Winterwares family bowl full of warm comfort food

Retreat at home

Making home feel cosy is one of the best gifts of winter. I love adding textures and layers in my house to keep the cold out and the warmth in. I cover my hardwood floors with rugs and pile up the sofa with blankets. I don’t have a fireplace, sadly, but I do love the comforting glow of candles flickering (winter favorite is woodland trail).

Hand cradling Winterwares Woodland Trail candle whilst being lit with match

There’s a time for doing and a time for rest. In winter, give yourself permission to slow down. You don’t have to go at the pace you do when the sun is out. Naturally there are less events and invitations when the weather is cold and wet, so take that extra time for yourself.