Styling a seasonal table

Table style with handmade ceramics and autumn leaves

Part of coming to a workshop at Winterwares is sitting around the table to share in a delicious lunch. I love setting the table and making it beautiful. I get so many comments from people that they love my table styling and I wanted to share a few tips with you.

1. Gather your essentials 

Elevate your basics. I love using a 100% linen table cloth, handmade ceramics and vintage cutlery. For this setting I've used my stoneware dinner plates, kanso plates and everyday bowls.

2. Keep it cosy 

You want your guests to be at ease, make it beautiful but not perfect. You don't want your friends worrying about spilling red wine on starched white napkins. I never iron my linen, crinkled is cosier. My cutlery isn't all matching, it's from a couple of vintage sets so each piece has the same patina and I can mix and match. 

3. Be inspired by what's in season

My colour palette comes from nature, after all, she always gets it right! At the moment where I live there are liquid amber trees dropping their magnificent multi-hues leaves. I gathered up a basket of leaves in red, green, gold, rust and amber. I love to wander through the famers market and see what's abundant that I can use on the table for decoration. Right now it's the season for golden pears and pomegranates and they perfectly fit in with the colours of the leaves. 


Table style with handmade ceramics, autumn leaves and vintage cutlerybasket of leaves

Table style with handmade ceramics and autumn leaves