Monthly Membership for Studio Sessions at Winterwares

Monthly Membership for Studio Sessions at Winterwares

This product is not in the shop right now but we will make it for you! Allow four weeks to receive it. Making ceramics is a lengthy process and each piece is handmade with care right here in Fremantle. We promise they'll be worth the wait!
  • Studio Sessions are at 1/34 Henry Street, Fremantle
  • You'll be emailed a link to book after purchase
  • Membership includes 20+ hours of pottery per month!

Are you hooked on ceramics but lack the space for a home studio?

The Winterwares Membership is your creative haven where you can nurture your pottery practice. Enjoy using our studio space to begin or continue your pottery journey. Unleash your creativity, crafting your own hand-built ceramics.

Given the duration required for pottery to undergo the firing process, we recommend initially signing up for a two-month period. This allows you to experience the entire process from start to finish.

Please note: Winterwares specialises in hand-building pottery; we don’t have pottery wheels.

  • One month of access to the Winterwares studio.
  • 10kg of clay.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Use of our air-conditioned creative space in our stunning Heritage Listed building in the West End of Fremantle.
  • Access to kitchen & bathroom facilities.
  • Firing service (exclusively available for members, we don’t offer a public firing service) the firing service is an additional charge based on the size of your pieces.
  • Access to all the hand-building tools we use at Winterwares including an extruder and a slab roller.
  • Access to Winterwares library – a collection of books curated by Simone.

Membership includes 2 x 3 hours sessions per week (a total of 24 hours a month!) which you can book online.

Glazing sessions are held once per month at our production studio in O’Connor, on the last Saturday of the month.

You can use one of your sessions to glaze your pieces.

We have a selection of glazes to choose from. A Winterwares staff member will guide you to glaze your pieces.

If you can't make the glazing session or would rather one of our experts do the glazing for you we can give you a price for the service.

Firing is charged per piece, depending on the size. Every piece needs to be fired twice to be functional.

As an example, a coffee mug would be around $4 for bisque & glaze firing and a salad bowl would be around $12.

We have a size chart you can use to see the cost.


  • These studio sessions are not led by a teacher and are completely self-directed.
  • There is no lock-in and you can cancel or suspend your membership at any point. The cancelation will be effective when the payment expires (e.g. a calendar month from the last payment). Membership starts from the date of signing up.
  • This is a subscription, that is billed monthly.
  • If you cancel before the renewal date you can continue to use your sessions until the end of your four weeks.
  • Once you have purchased the membership you will be sent a welcome email with the next steps for your induction.
  • You must be 18 years old (or 15 years with an accompanying adult).
  • Membership is personal, and cannot be shared or transferred.

Your responsibility

  • All equipment and tools must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every visit.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy workspace for yourself and others.
  • Your 3 hour session time includes clean-up.
  • Clay must be purchased from Winterwares. It's really important that we know exactly what clay is going into our kilns because the wrong kind can damage them. The cost for clay is $28 per 10kg.
  • We don’t offer makeup sessions, if you book a session and you don’t use it you forfeit that session.
  • Storage space is limited at Winterwares, you're expected to take your work home between sessions until it is ready to by fired. We will show you how to safely store and transport wares.
  • You are expected to show proper care and regard for Winterwares property and demonstrate honesty and integrity.
  • We reserve the right to revoke access if the terms are breached.